Create a space that suits the way you work

Your trading floor or dealing room needs to satisfy many criteria. Our consultants work with you to understand your company’s core activity, working style, needs and ambitions. By talking with your people, we build a picture of the features and functionality that are important to you. This consultative approach brings an extra level of detail to the design process and gives everyone the opportunity to contribute and buy in to the new space.

As financial industry specialists, we understand the latest requirements and trends in regulated trading spaces while appreciating that every client is different. Whether you are upgrading an existing workspace or preparing a new location, DRCG will design and deliver a contemporary environment that supports well-being, productivity and morale while making a visual statement.

Our consultants provide expertise on technology for dependable performance, security and compliance. Our designs include unique combinations of furniture and materials enhanced by exclusive accessories. The technology is seamlessly integrated to facilitate productive yet compliant collaboration styles.

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