Technology & Infrastructure

“Pilots like to say that good landings are the result of good approaches.”

New regulatory demands, increased competition and higher market data volume are some of the driving forces behind changes within the workplace and trading environments. Taking these factors into consideration, the approach to defining requirements is critical to delivering an integrated solution.

DRCg has over a decade of experience in workplace and trading room environments and an essential understanding of the implications within the wider workplace.

Gaining and maintaining competitive advantage is augmented by the constant review of trading strategies (IT / Data and Telecoms) in support of increasing the speed of trading. Ultra-low latency messaging, latency monitoring, multicast, computing, storage, data and application virtualization, trading resiliency and trading mobility are the drivers in the trading environment. These issues in particular, determine how your office will operate.

Therefore, at DRCg, our role is to understand these key issues and the impact they have on the workplace. Specifically this interface is with the building infrastructure and the delivery of services to support these critical and demanding requirements.

We use our experience to ensure that you do not need to find multiple partners to provide a wide range of services for your business, providing uncompromised levels of service for all technology and infrastructure needs. Our aim is to simplify and connect technology, infrastructure and the workplace environment.