Structured Refurbishment Project at MCAP

Client:  MCAP Global Finance, London

Location:  London

As part of the overall contract to undertake a complete refurbishment of their trading floor, offices, and kitchen/breakout area, MCAP Global Finance also called upon DRCG’s expertise to carry out an extensive upgrade to their structured cabling system and electrical systems. The entire works were scheduled over a series of consecutive weekends to minimise risk and ensure no disruption to trading activity. The existing Cat 5e cabling system was stripped out and a new Panduit Cat 6 system installed throughout the trading floor, offices and Data centre. DRCG’S programming and management of the works to seamlessly dovetail with all the elements of the refurbishment project ensured that they were completed as scheduled with absolutely no interruption to trading.

The existing Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) system covering all the Data Centre equipment is being upgraded with a significantly larger capacity module able to cover all trading positions in addition to the Data Centre.

Once again, DRCG have scheduled the necessary power downs and upgrade works over a series of weekends in order to maintain continuity of supply to the trading environment.

The first two phases of the upgrade have now been successfully completed including the installation of the new larger mains supply and switchgear to serve the new UPS module.

The final phase to cut over to the new UPS will, as with the new structured cabling system, be carried out over a weekend and co-ordinated with MCAP’S IT support team to enable trading to resume as normal on the Monday morning.