Even in today’s world of increasing cloud computing and off site hosting of servers and applications, the onsite Comms/ Data room housing interface routers and switches and other essential equipment remains of critical importance to companies.

DRCg’s design and specification of your Comms/Data room will ensure the delivery of a safe, robust and secure environment for all your essential services.

Depending on the requirement, elements incorporated in the design and specification may include:

  • Standby Generator
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)
  • Supplementary Air Conditioning
  • Fire Detection and Fire suppression Systems
  • Leak/Moisture Detection
  • Access Control
  • Gas Extraction Systems
  • Environmental Monitoring

Air Conditioning (Comms/Data room)

Comms rooms generally require supplementary air conditioning independent of the premises base build system. The supplementary a/c will be designed to ensure essential Comms room systems are adequately cooled in the periods (evenings, weekends) when the building’s main a/c plant is turned off.

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